WATCH: Golfer videos first swing with new indoor net – and punches hole in the ceiling

Golf net

Seeing somebody set up to hit at a net on a social media video always brings out the same thought.

Like someone about to do pull-ups with a poorly installed bar, it’s a clear red flag.

The fact that you’ve acquired a net to protect something likely means that a breakage is on the way.

That’s just how these things work.

At least this guy is getting some decent loft on his shots.

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Tips for how to use a golf net

Thankfully, a basic golf net lets a player practice with woods and irons without endangering any property…mostly.

A beginner can still learn from a golf net, even if an experienced golfer who can feel clean strokes will benefit more from such an aid.

Place your golf net in a secure location. Even if it’s ideal for every shot to go in the net, in case of a miss, it’s essential to locate a safe region to place the net.

Just as you would on the course, address your ball. Avoid rushing your shots since, unlike at the range, you are not paying for the balls.

Watch the trajectory of your shots. You can sense whether your bullets are spraying left or right, or remaining too low, even if it is difficult to distinguish a great flight path from a decent one at such a small distance.

Look at the impact tape on the club’s face. A steady position on the sweet spot is encouraging.

Your swing path will need to be adjusted if you are consistently off the sweet spot. If the tape is covered in marks, your swing is out of control.

We should draw attention to one less evident benefit, which is that, when utilised properly, an at-home hitting net may assist training with results out of mind. That is to say, we can get obsessed on outcomes during a normal training session or while playing. Slicing one time and hooking it the next may turn it into a game of wild fluctuations in overcorrection.

Real improvement can be impeded when compensations and modifications are made exclusively on the basis of the outcome of the preceding shot. It’s easy to get disoriented and start having too many swing notions. Drilling into repetition can be more effective without a visual outcome while feel remains an essential indicator.