WATCH: Golfer pulls off incredible keepy-uppy golf shot that ends in putt

Golf ball on tee

Believe it or not, some people who play golf are quite good at it.

Check out this greenside trick-shot as evidence.

She has also decided to break out the trick shot on a practice hole not during a round, which is a big plus.

Just look at this skill and admire it.

Can trick shots help your game?

A lot of golfers will turn their noses up at trick shots and insist they aren’t a clown or something along those lines.

However, trying out trick shots and being creative on course can help your game.

“Even the best players in the world routinely miss a third of the fairways on tee shots,” says golf teacher Luke Benoit.

“If they weren’t able to adapt to challenging situations, they wouldn’t be able to score. In a nutshell, this means being able to hit any shot, from any situation, at any time.”

An adventurous approach could be the thing that really unlocks your game.

“Train yourself to hit from uneven lies, deep rough, and wet sand. You’ll find you build a ‘swashbuckler’s’ mentality that allows you to escape from bad situations more often than your playing partners,” Benoit said.

Try these trick shot drills to help your game

Choose a target. Grab your 6 iron and try hitting a hook (or draw) at the target. Once you’ve taken the shot, try to strike a slice (or fade) at the target. Repeat until you get it right, then return to the hook. Continue alternating for ten minutes. If you include this simple exercise into your daily practice routine, you’ll soon have the most important of all ‘trick shots’ in your arsenal: the ability to work the ball.

You’ve probably seen the shot that Tiger made famous over two decades ago. It’s the one where he juggles the ball on his wedge many times before nailing it mid-air down the range. Since the video was released, everyone has tried this method. You should, too. Your coordination and wrist/hand strength will develop along the process!

Keepie uppies aren’t just for footballers.