WATCH: The famous Woods fist pump is back in action as Charlie mimicks his dad

Charlie Woods

The iconic images of Tiger Woods’ incredible fist-pumping celebrations have inspired a generation of golfers to wear their hearts on their sleeves – and at least one of the next generation looks set to follow in his footsteps.

Charlie Woods already has a weight of expectation on his shoulders, but it looks like he knows how to blow off some steam on course.

In a recent competition, the world’s most-watched teenage golfer was spotted mimicking his father’s famous celebration.

Charlie Woods was channeling his famous father with this celebration after a chip-in at the Florida High School State Championship.

He even threw in a ‘C’MON, LET’S GO!’ for good measure, and we can see the drive and fire of the Woods family right there.

Charlie Woods is the kid that everyone on golf looks at and wonders where the time has gone, as the toddler joining in on a Masters celebration becomes his own man.

It seems almost nailed on that Charlie will follow in Tiger’s footsteps at least in terms of turning professional at a young age, but many feel that he would benefit from a few years of collegiate golf.

Will Charlie Woods become a teenage professional or will he instead opt for a collegiate route?

For most young golfers in the US of any standing there isn’t much of a choice as many wouldn’t have the kind of safety net that having the world’s most famous golfer as a dad provides – and the option of a free or massively subsidised education and the chance to hone your game come as an irresistible package, even for the many young foreign players who feed through the college system each year.

Of course, a spell in college golf might just be the thing Charlie Woods needs to prepare him for the rigours of the tour and it might also ease the pressure on him as a young player.

Charlie can only get so much advice from his famous father, and it is unlikely that Tiger or anyone else can do anything to prepare him for the intense scrutiny he will face.

If he plays college golf he will draw attention but it will not be anywhere near the same as if he earns a Tour Card as a teenager.

Few players regret delaying their professional career in order to enjoy the life of a collegiate golfer and this might just be what the younger Woods needs.