WATCH: Golfer suffers hilarious fail attempting to put bag on shelf in the Pro Shop

Golf bag

The suggestion that a golfer could ever benefit from good luck is against the spirit of the game.

Good luck simply isn’t something that happens for a golfer, even if they might witness several instances of the hand of fate intervening for an inferior player.

This chap is clearly a golfer.

He is visiting a pro-shop and is either unwilling or unable to ask a member of staff to put a bag back.

Of course, it goes horribly wrong because this man is a golfer.

For all the data analysis and in-depth science now backing the sport of golf, players can still be very superstitious.

One of the most well-known superstitions originates with one of the most well-known golfers. Tiger Woods usually wears a red shirt in the final round of a competition, a superstition inherited from his mother, who feels the colour denotes power.

The twist in this tale is that this particular superstition may have a backing in science.

The composition of a red wavelength is striking as picked up by the human eye. Red has the longest wavelength of any colour in the visible spectrum, hence it is the first colour that the human eye detects when seeing a rainbow or spectrum of colours. Red is frequently the first colour that newborns can detect, which is why it is utilised as an eye-catching colour for signals like stop signs and fire vehicles.

Red is usually thought of as being a warm and cosy colour. This might be the case because red things appear hot to the touch since they tend to absorb more light than objects of other hues. This characteristic may help to explain why red is frequently used to indicate caution or danger, as seen in the red “danger” zone on thermometers and warning lights.

Whatever the cause behind Tiger Woods’ crimson inclination, red has a powerful psychological effect on people. Red is a colour that is guaranteed to create an impression, whether it is used to indicate danger, to express passion and love, or just to grab attention.

That just goes to show that good luck doesn’t exist for great golfers.

We are pretty sure that Tiger Woods has never wrecked a pro-shop display and challenge anyone disputing this to provide video evidence to back up that claim.