WATCH: Paige Spiranac posts video to prove you hit further wearing spandex

Paige Spiranac

Golf influencer Paige Spiranac has released a video to prove to her followers that you hit further if you wear spandex.

There are loads of ways that you could get the properties of spandex from a different golf shirt, but Spiranac’s experiment in the simulator seems to show she is on to something.

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Fans loved it.

“I’d have the whole course to myself if I wore spandex,” one individual said.

“That’s what I told the guy in the pro shop, but he told me no,” someone else laughed.

“I tried that…they laughed me out of the simulator!!!” another admirer joked.

“At least you proved that their experiment was right,” one commenter said.

“Smashing, in all senses of the word!” Someone else cheered.

Does compression clothing help or hinder?

Extreme compression wraps over certain joints have long been utilised by powerlifters to increase their 1-rep maximum lifting capacity and for stability. Although the latest generation of compression apparel uses considerably lower degrees of compression, it is still possible that even small quantities of external resistance from this kind of apparel might increase the energy expenditures of higher repetition and endurance exercises and impair performance.

US scientists studied subjects as they squatted at 70% of 1-rep max8 and performed three sets of 50 knee extension/flexion motions while measuring the external resistance caused by compression apparel.

They concluded that force generation and energy expenditure during prolonged activity in the implicated muscles were not negatively impacted by the amounts of compression that compression apparel generally provides.

The contrary may even be true, since additional research has shown that compression tights and shorts can promote the eccentric action of the opposing muscles, such as the hamstrings while jogging towards the conclusion of the recovery period. Furthermore, another research has shown that wearing compression garments may even improve workout performance by increasing cooling through greater sweat transfer away from the skin.

The research indicates that compression clothing can improve performance and recovery during intense exercise by decreasing muscle oscillation, increasing proprioception, and altering lactate transfer. It is by no means just a fashion item. The benefits of compression garments also include ease of usage, affordability, and legality which is a bigger issue than you might think when it comes to performance.

Nonetheless, there is still a lot of study to be done on the ideal compression levels for various athletic needs.