WATCH: Dad hides behind golf cart as son prepares drive – and still ends up in harm’s way

Driver off the deck

As everybody knows, on the golf course you are never safe when you are down range.

Sometimes you aren’t even safe behind the teebox.

This dad thought he’d be safe behind the golf cart, but the reality proved to be very different.

Warning one: You flinch, you lose.

Warning two: This video contains some strong language. You’ll quickly understand why.

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Four ways to strike the ball better

Making good contact with the ball off the tee is the basis of a good golf game and the first step to actually having fun as a golfer.

1 Set yourself up to win

With a mid-iron, position an alignment stick between your feet and the clubhead, with the stick pointing towards the target. Make divots as far in front of the alignment stick as possible, starting gently and taking care not to strike the stick.

2 Learn your ideal body position

Place a ball eight to ten inches in front of the alignment stick, aiming to make contact without striking it. What the golf ball does is unimportant. Understanding and internalising the various body actions that permit the golf club to make contact with the ball is the primary goal of this exercise.

3 Always take your practice swings

Address the golf ball as if you were using a regular golf swing. Take practice swings with the divot as far forward of the golf ball as feasible.

4 Consistency over power

Train the swing first before adding power to the point where you are comfortable and are able to execute properly.

If your full-blooded swing is missing or making bad contact slow it right down and then gradually bring the pace back up.

If you want to hit longer drives, the best option is to draw your shot. Swinging using an inside-out path causes you to strike higher on the ball, increasing your launch and providing you with a bit more power.

“People think the draw golf swing, which is a right-to-left ball flight, happens if you hit the inside of the golf ball,” Top 100 Golf coach Sarah Stone says.

“What I want to explain is you do not want to hit the inside of the golf ball. You want the club traveling toward the ball from the right side if your body, and I want the toe to beat the heel to create that curve.”