WATCH: Man suffers hilarious consequences of playing golf in a walled garden


Everyone loves a dreamer, but sometimes blind optimism can lead to injury and insult.

The injury here is caused by a rebounding golf ball, while insult, of course, comes in the form of the video of the incident which is immortalised on social media.

Clearly, he has a sense of humour, if not one for the danger presented by a mishit golf ball.

There were some loft miscalculations.

WARNING: The video below contains strong language. As you might expect…

Golf appears to be a safe and sedate┬ásport. After all, players are not tackled or punched. However, golfers may still sustain injuries and be hampered by discomfort even when the sport’s inherent risks aren’t immediately apparent.

Fortunately, most golf injuries are preventable with a little forethought and proper technique. Experts say that the perception of golf as a sedentary sport is its biggest problem. People tend to forget that athletes risk injury if they don’t have adequate flexibility, strength, and technique.

Some people may find the list of possible golf-related ailments to be lengthy. Numerous of these conditions are related to some part of the swing, which entails striking a balance between an explosive forward motion, forceful muscular contractions, and the long lever arm impact produced by the golf club’s force.

The majority of professional golfers adhere to regimented fitness and training regimens to help prevent golf-related ailments. Being physically fit is essential to playing golf competitively and healthily.

Experts advise players to work with a golf professional to develop optimal swing mechanics in addition to staying in shape. Proper form helps to increase flexibility and agility while reducing stress on the body. An ineffective swing might make injuries more likely.

Using good technique and stretching after the game are the first steps in preventing golf injuries. Golfers should warm up and stretch their muscles before they even take a stroke.

Some stretches to help prevent overuse injuries may include:

  • Taking a brisk five-minute walk before playing
  • Walking the first fairway
  • Focusing on the lower back, hips, legs, and shoulders while stretching before and after each round