WATCH: Guy lies on floor to get video of buddy’s drive – ‘Dumb Ways To Die’

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This guy may have got lucky, but we really do not recommend that anyone at any point stand, lie or sit in front of someone teeing off.

This chap wasn’t struck by the ball as he lay prone in front of his buddy’s drive, but this isn’t smart at all.

You might think we are just party poopers, but being that close to a drive is anything but safe.

Don’t do this.

It really is very dangerous.

Can a golf ball kill you?

It is unlikely that anyone would be killed by a golf ball struck a long way down the course.

The closer the victim is to the club the greater the risk is, and while serious injuries from being hit by a golf ball are unlikely, someone can sustain a major knock from a golf ball.

Golf ball designs mean that the force of being struck by a ball is mitigated by the shock absorption of the ball.

Old-fashioned golf balls were far more likely to do serious damage to someone, but even modern balls can really hurt you.

While a golf ball is extremely unlikely to cause a fatal injury it is far from impossible that someone could be seriously injured or even die from being struck by a ball.

Fatalities on a golf course are usually confined to things like lightning strikes, which are far more common than you might think.

Other major injuries can be caused by clubs either because a player inadvertently strikes themself or because a club has broken and struck a nearby bystander.

Whatever you are up to on the golf course keep safety in mind at all times.

Stand clear of players during their swing and avoid standing in the potential path of a shot.