WATCH: ‘A little fat’ – Young golfer hilariously buries his clubhead in the ground

Driver off the deck

We’ve all got a little fat on a shot trying to ensure contact and overcorrecting.

This kid attempts a shot and frankly impressed with the chonk on this one – because chunk doesn’t cut it.

He actually buries the club head in the ground.

At least he has a laugh about it.

Even when his friend remarks that he might have got a little fat on that one.

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The golfer base increased by 4 percent in 2023, from 21.9 million players to 22.8 million.

That bump indicates a net increase of 2.3 million people since 2019, and is the highest number of golfers in the game since the 26 million peak in 2010.

The sport is rebounding well from the pandemic and is welcoming more and more new players of all ages.

“We haven’t done a very good job of attracting the generation behind us,” Koppenhaver said. “So part of our challenge as an industry is we’re starting to age out.

“We have a big gap in that next generation behind us that didn’t take up golf like I did at (age) 24.”

Golf still seems to have challenges to address when it comes to attracting new players.

Not least among those is that the game can be very difficult and very expensive.

Therefore it is always encouraging to see young people on the course and playing the sport.

“We haven’t solved any of the three issues that people said kept them from playing golf,” Koppenhaver said. “It still takes four-and-a-half hours to play. It costs more to play today, but we have some cover because everything costs even more than golf. And despite all the equipment we see on the (PGA show) floor and everything else that is supposed to make my game better, I still suck.”

Still the challenge of course closures and the loss of many public access facilities even if the Real Estate Golf market is steadily recovering.

“There is a place for real estate golf,” Koppenhaver said. “But not at the level we were doing it in ’05.”