WATCH: Jon Rahm loses it after drones disrupt his backswing

John Rahm hits a shot

Jon Rahm was not a happy man as the drones buzzing about the course on the LIV Golf tour disrupted his backswing.

Rahm expressed his disapproval of drones flying overhead while the LIV Golf event is being televised.

The Spaniard, who had a poor shot during Sunday’s round in Nashville, vented about the distraction caused by the drones.

Rahm attributed his error to the TV drone flying overhead after his tee ball on the sixth hole ended up in the water.

“Every tournament,” the broadcast microphones picked up Rahm yelling. “It’s f****** incredible. Right on my backswing.”

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Rahm sounded off on the drones during the LIV Golf tournament in Nashville.

To sour things further, Rahm’s ball went plummeting into the sea on the par-4 hole while he was only two shots ahead of the leader.

Subsequently, he carded a double-bogey, which was the worst score for players who finished the sixth hole at The Grove. Rahm was then behind leader Tyrrell Hatton by four strokes as a result of the mistake-riddled hole.

Rahm left the PGA Tour in December and went down the rapidly expanding LIV Golf route. His first competition after pulling out of the US Open due to a foot ailment was the Nashville event.