WATCH: John Daly identifies what golfers looking to improve should focus on

John Daly on cart

John Daly says any golfer wanting to improve their game should work on chipping and putting.

Daly says that while the big drives on the PGA Tour make headlines, the scoring clubs are called the scoring clubs for a reason.

Chip and putt in your practices and your game will improve and your scores come down.

“We are going to miss shots and greens and it’s nice when you can get them up and down,” Daly has said in the past.

“That’s why I work harder on chipping and putting than anything in my game ever.”

What are the most important clubs in golf?

The scoring clubs are what you use to make scoring shots. The scoring shots make the largest difference in putting the ball into the hole as soon as possible.

The most crucial clubs in that regard are the driver, wedge, and putter.

You could also add an advancement and a chipping club to that set and you get a base of five clubs responsible for most of your strokes.

The advancement club is usually one that is both easy for you to hit and also gets you the most yardage. In a lot of cases for the casual player this will be something like a hybrid or maybe a distance iron.

This shot soaks up yards, but with a club that is easy to hit, it still brings you close enough to the green for an easy shot.

If you have a few clubs that get similar yardage your best option is the one that you generally find easier to hit and control.

To ensure you have the right wedges in your bag to help you score, you need to be aware of a few things. You want your equipment to assist the shots you like to make from the circumstances you will experience the most on the course.

Narrowing that down is a complex process if you don’t want to get yourself professionally fitted.

Your putter choice can also make a huge impact on your ability to score. With putters, put performance before aesthetics as a rule of thumb.

Some putters are horrific eyesores but could still be something that gets the job done for you.