WATCH: Incredible shots of world record for longest golf shot caught in a moving car

Golf ball on tee

Marcus Armitage and Paul O’Neill set a new world record for the longest golf shot caught in a moving car a few years ago.

The video is still making waves on social media.

Armitage managed to smash the ball up and into the moving BMW maneuvered by O’Neill at a distance of 277.06m (908 ft 9.8 in).

It took the pair multiple attempts before beating the previous distance by 30 yards at Elvington Airfield, York, UK.

Armitage struck the ball 277 metres (303 yards) down the runway into the front passenger seat of the vehicle with a Callaway Epic Driver.

In order to catch the ball, the BMW M8 convertible was moving at a speed of 71 mph (114 km/h).

To surpass the record set by F1 driver David Coulthard and golf professional Jake Shepherd nine years earlier, the European Tour and Callaway both made approaches to Armitage and O’Neill.

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Despite many attempts, Armitage and O’Neill both refused to back down from the challenge that day.

On one try, the golf ball struck the windscreen and shattered the glass.

However, nothing prevented them from carrying on and supporting one another in their attempt.

One of their tries was rejected because the ball rebounded up into the automobile during the attempt.

The two, however, joyfully rejoiced before hearing that they would have to try once more.

After many dramatic attempts, the duo finally managed to combine perfectly to achieve the spectacular record title.

The DP World Tour has continued to showcase golfing skill with some outrageous stunts.