WATCH: Kid pulls off incredible chip in over bunker in PGA Junior League

PGA Junior League

This neat little bump and run into the hole is a real thing of beauty.

No golf crowd could resist giving this kid a great cheer.

Of course, his teammate is the first to hit the high-five.

Great moments like this are what the game is all about.

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PGA Jr. League is committed to enriching lives through experiences that transcend golf.

What started as an idea scribbled on a napkin has grown to over 71,000 kids playing on teams across the United States.

While the program has evolved to include expanded age divisions, year-round play and an enhanced All-Star experience for competitive players, the commitment to the values of Safety, Care and Organization remains steadfast.

PGA Jr. League is the flagship youth pillar program of the PGA of America’s 501 (c)(3) foundation, PGA REACH.

They envision a world in which the PGA Jr. League is accessible to every child, everywhere, regardless of background or circumstance.

Believing that golf is for the collective, and everyone deserves to feel a deep sense of belonging to healthy and caring communities.#

PGA Jr. League is shifting the way youth golf is learned and played, including the adoption of league play, team golf and scoring with flags and points.

Behind every PGA Jr. League team is a PGA Coach providing a safe, caring and organized environment for every child to become (and stay) a golfer.

These experts in the game are provided with the flexibility to create a coaching program that works best for their players and families.

Their teams are part of leagues, organized together so that games can be played and local league standings can be kept.

Some leagues may be held entirely at one facility under a PGA Coach.

These in-house leagues include multiple teams that practice and play at the same facility each week, though some in-house leagues may travel to other facilities for friendly matches or Play Days.

Other leagues may be formed across multiple facilities, where teams take turns visiting each other’s golf courses and playing against one another.

Each team is broken down into two-person pairs (or three if a substitute is included) who play together in games.

All PGA Jr. League games are played in a two-person scramble format. This means that both players in a pair hit drives. The best shot is selected, then each player plays from the selected spot, and this process continues until the ball is holed.

The scramble format is key in allowing everyone to hit shots and contribute to the team. PGA Jr. League utilizes match play scoring, which focuses on performance vs. a score-to-par as is traditional with golf.

Within a PGA Jr. League game, pairs play in a head-to-head, 9-hole match. Each match is broken into three flags. Each flag is three holes in a row, and each team has the opportunity to earn points at the end of each flag.