What golf crime was committed? Military helicopter lands on golf course

It is not every day that you see a helicopter swoop down onto a golf course as heavily-armed government agents appear to complete an arrest.

This footage has been floating around for a while and was actually part of a demonstration by Navy SEALs at Mar-a-Lago in 2019, but it’s once again resurfaced on Instagram and led people to asking: what golf crimes should be punished with an immediate arrest?

Fair play to the helicopter pilot, incidentally: the landing is incredibly smooth and only disrupts the bunkers a little.

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Things you should be arrested for on the golf course

Taking phone calls

Breaking up a round to take a phone call could be something that is excused on the odd occasion or in an emergency.

Do it often or unnecessarily and your playing partners and others on the course will soon let you know.

A quick text reply is ok but long phone calls on the course are a big no-no.

Too many practice swings

We could extend this one to any obnoxiously long setup to hit your ball, especially off the tee. You don’t need to take more than one or two practice swings.

Hitting someone else’s ball

Make absolutely certain that a ball is yours before you strike it. It is against the spirit of the game to interfere with someone else’s ball in any way and is just not the done thing, even if it still happens.

Giving up

Don’t be the guy who bails on their partners because they aren’t having a good round. Nobody likes a quitter may seem like a cliche but when you are playing with friends or even if you’re paired with strangers, bailing out on a round just because you aren’t playing well is pretty low. Suck it up and take your lessons from the beating the course has handed out.

Congratulating someone on making a putt before they do

Just don’t do it, nobody wants to hear this. If their ball lips out or stops short you might end up nose to nose with an angry golfer. The miss will be blamed on your utterance in accordance with golfing law.

Being the guy who makes excuses all the time

There is a type of player who has to account for every misstep or bad shot they let fly. You don’t have to argue the case for your game being better than it is. Everyone misses shots and there don’t need to be reasons for that. You cannot ace every hole.