WATCH: How to get kicked out of the driving range in one swing

Golf driving range

Driving range facilities can have some pretty strict rules and you will see a fair few videos of golfers being ejected from a range.

A lot of ranges object to players trying to hit outside of the nets and some go so far as to ban any full swings.

The golfer in question here has gone full send or close to it with this swing.

He has also been pulled up immediately.

And he is out of there.

How to be considerate on the range

First, the most crucial guideline. When hitting on a grass driving range, be sure to position your strokes so that a neat divot pattern is produced. Straight lines that are spread apart are ideal for the maintenance team; at the absolute least, keep the damage to the turf limited. Everybody has approached a range spot previously and been discouraged by how the previous visitor completely tore up the immaculate grass.

The USGA states “the turf will recover quickly as long as there is at least 4 inches of live turf preserved between strips of divots.” This is the recommended strategy since it minimises lawn removal while facilitating rapid regrowth.

Secondly, do your best to refrain from offering uninvited swing advice. It might be difficult to resist the urge to try to help someone who appears to be having trouble on the range. Giving unsolicited advice, meanwhile, might make novice players feel unduly monitored while they’re playing. The last thing you want to do is make someone else feel unwelcome on the range because of their skill level. Allowing them to resolve things on their own is the best course of action. Go ahead and assist them if they ask.

Every now and then you’ll see someone at the range with a flawless swing, and you’ll want to stay there for hours watching them fire missiles. Although this is a normal response, take care not to stand directly behind them or in close proximity to their sightline. Observing a bystander from the corner of your eye while practicing can be unbearably irritating.