WATCH: Golfer chases pushcart – unsuccessfully – in hilarious downhill mayhem

Golf bag

A golfer letting his pushcart get away from him couldn’t quite catch up to it before it thundered into a tree.

At least it didn’t end up in a lake.

This pushcart really picks up a head of steam.

To make matters worse, his playing partners cannot contain themselves.

You’ll probably struggle as well.

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Why use a pushcart?

Golf carts have been increasingly popular in recent years because they make walking the golf course simpler.

Carrying your clubs for 18 holes can be exhausting, but it becomes even more so when you factor in your shots in between.

Furthermore, push carts are a reasonably inexpensive method to get around the golf course more easily, and they should last a long time while providing good value for money.

Nowadays, the quality of a push cart is as high as it has ever been, with manufacturers producing a variety of excellent options.

Gone are the days when the greatest golf carts were heavy and bulky, making them difficult to push and manoeuvre around the course. Nowadays, contemporary push carts are lightweight and simple to use, making the experience less physically demanding than lugging your golf bag. Furthermore, push carts are simple to construct and contain mechanisms that allow them to fold down compactly, fitting simply into your car’s trunk or garage space. They are also substantially lighter than they used to be.

Brands such as Motocaddy, Stewart Golf, BagBoy, Sun Mountain, and Powakaddy, to mention a few, have created, improved, and developed push carts, electric carts, and even remote control golf carts to make strolling the golf course more convenient and, more significantly, gentler on the body. While electric golf carts reign supreme in terms of technology, the push cart industry boasts a diverse selection of manufacturers offering one-of-a-kind and high-quality items.

Push carts are far less expensive though, with the finest models costing less than $450, compared to electric trolleys, which can cost nearly double that at base level.

Push carts are much easier to set up when you arrive at the course, and there is no need to worry about batteries. They also feature excellent storage solutions on the handle of the chassis for golf balls, tees, scorecards, and other accessories.