WATCH: Golfer hits fence with drive in backyard – with painful consequences

Driver off the deck

Golf can be dangerous even when you are hitting a few balls in the backyard.

One avid player finds that out the hard way.

When you don’t get the loft you need sometimes things can backfire.

Especially if you find the fence.

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Getting loft with a golf club

Acquiring the skill of hitting the golf ball higher will allow you to ride the tailwind, clear tall trees, and facilitate a gentle landing.

Using a driver with a lower loft is the first step towards hitting higher tee shots.

Golfers with slower swing speeds benefit from the increased air of launch assistance that big sticks with a greater loft sport due to their wide clubface.

Most drivers are between 9 and 12 degrees; the latter are better suited to modest swing speeds and can provide towering flight. Furthermore, a driver with a 10.5-degree angle is a common choice for players with modest swing speeds.

One way to get an improved flight is to use a 12-degree driver, which will usually launch higher than a 9-degree setup.

The higher the kick point on a shaft, the less likely you are to get adequate launch on your golf ball off poor contact.

Low kick points can be found on stiff, moderate, and extremely flexible shafts.

As soon as you have the right equipment for your swing, make sure the ball is teed up to encourage crisp clubface contact. For a raised launch angle and less spin, you want to strike the ball just above the clubface’s centre.

When your golf ball is teed too low, though, you risk catching the ball higher on the clubface and hitting the ground before contact.

You may lose clubhead speed and energy transfer when you strike the grass before making contact, which makes your launching tee shot less effective.

The angle at which you attack determines the ideal tee location. If you are hitting the ball at a shallow angle of attack, it is ideal to tee it higher up than the crown of your driver.