WATCH: Golfer celebrates drive on the range – only to realise the ball’s behind him

Driver off the deck

If you imagine that you’ve struck the ball really well then is that just as good as actually making a great connection?

The golfer in the video below believes he has drilled an absolute missile.

He genuinely thinks he has flushed it and sent the ball miles.

Sadly, he doesn’t seem to have connected with much other than thin air.

At least he has a sense of humour about it.

Avoiding the two-way miss

As golfers advance and move away from the over-the-top huge banana slice technique, they begin to learn how to approach the ball from a route that is often too far inside. This leads to the two-way miss, which makes it almost impossible to play golf consistently. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the idea of a two-way miss, consider yourself lucky.

As you improve and work on things, you’ll notice that this is a common next step as you progress in your golf career: you’ll start figuring out little things that shallow out the swing, such as shallowing moves like rotations, swinging a little bit more inside, more axis tilt, and so on. While these corrections are understandable they can lead to a path that’s too far from the inside.

The primary goal with your first swing is to present the driver face to the ball as you strike it.

You need to understand what causes that way to be too distant from the inside. Nine times out of ten, the hips are driving, causing the arms to become locked behind the torso. The club cannot regain the lead until it is too late. It’s still operating this way since you’ve rotated too violently and your arms become caught.

A nice practice to help those coming away from the inside get acclimated to the feeling of putting the club down on top of the plane is to focus on keeping the hips extremely quiet at contact while keeping the right ankle and heel down on the ground.

If your right foot is on the ground and your hips are wide open, it is difficult to produce enough secondary tilt to drop the club that far below the plane. You should do tiny half shots, nine to three shots, where you’re just getting here and feeling more stacked over your joints, with your torso stacked over your hips rather than leaning way back.