WATCH: ‘Good morning!’- Amateur golfer shanks ball into side of a house


Many of us dream of owning a home right on our favourite golf course, but there are a few drawbacks.

One of those is that your house is bound to get struck by the odd errant drive.

Ideally, these homes should be built with the course in mind, which means making appropriate choices for glass and paint.

If golfers cause any significant damage you might expect that they would let you know.

However, you really cannot bank on that.

This golfer unexpectedly manages to clatter a drive into a course-side home.

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If you break a window of a home on a golf course, who pays?

Most golf courses don’t have a broken window policy. You may demand payment from someone who destroys your window, but keep in mind that this is a moral and ethical need as much as a matter of principle.

Golfers will often feel that they don’t have any obligation to pay for damages if the home is right on the course.

There are plenty of accounts of golfers offering to pay for damages, just as there are also instances where players will make off and try to avoid confrontation.

These damages are not unexpected, but in most instances homeowners will be reluctant to put in an insurance claim given the likelihood that it could happen often and result in astronomical premiums.

In most cases these things are really left up to the individual and there isn’t a hard and fast ‘right way’.