WATCH: George Bryan walks us through the perfect shot and then delivers an ace

Golf ball on tee

PGA Tour pro, golf coach and trickshot specialist George Bryan IV has produced one of those moments where golf and social media come together perfectly.

Bryan, a former University of South Carolina collegiate golf star, felt that he had the perfect setup for a par three.

The video shared on Instagram recently shows George Bryan playing with a group of friends when he declares: “I am going to walk you through the perfect shot.”

He adds that he intends to pin draw it, then takes a practice swing with a slightly exaggerated pause at the top of the swing.

His shot off the tee on the par three grips and spins back towards the hole and in for a hole in one, called in the best possible way.

George and his brother Wesley started a trick shot channel on Youtube back in 2014 but credit the pandemic with raising their profile and helping them realise the dream of owning their own course.

He says that they took the concept of a trick shot channel and tweaked it into something more instructional that allowed them to be helpful and build a tremendous viewer base.

“During COVID, the world shut down and we were bored,” Wesley told the University of South Carolina website.

“We still want it to be entertaining, but with instructional we’ve added a more sustainable layer of helping people get better.”

Their father was also a professional and holds a great reputation as a coach in South Carolina. George III was good friends with Golf Channel commentator Steve Burkowski, who says he didn’t really know that the boys were destined to carve their own path in golf.

“George III would bring his little guys into the studio and tell them, ‘Sit still and don’t say a thing,’” Burkowski says, laughing. “After the show, we’d go play nine holes at Hickory Ridge and then get pancakes.”

Burkowski tells the tale of underestimating the abilities of a young Wesley Bryan.

“One day, Wesley’s ball was on a sandy path, and I told him, ‘You can get relief from there.’ He just looks at me, pinches a shot off the path and onto the green, 8 feet from the flag — like, ‘I don’t need relief.’ George III and I looked at each other and laughed. I guess those days were their introduction to golf and to media.”