WATCH: Amateur hits 14 balls on the range; buddy laughs uncontrollably at mixed success


The experienced golfer will tell you that the game is all about shotmaking.

You need to develop a vast array of skills to really get good at playing golf.

And this golfer shows off his versatility with a series of shots, some of which went even vaguely near where he intended them to.

Sometimes things aren’t going your way, but you just have to find a way to power through.

This chap gets it done. I mean, he makes contact with all of the balls.

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Spending time at the range is necessary if you want to improve your golf game.

But in reality, you’re not practising until you have the appropriate strategy and drills in place. You’re just working out.

It’s likely that you plan to work on your driver, fairway woods, hybrids or iron when you arrive for your driving range practice session.

But in order to succeed, you must be a little more specific about what your objectives are.

There are plenty of tools and sites that will help guide you through the process of structuring your range session.

Using drills to identify and ultimately address your golf swing’s problems is a terrific idea.

An excellent drill is one that focuses on the areas of your game that require the greatest improvement. Start with the weakest aspect of your golf game to determine which drills will work best for your practice session.

Hydrate and perform some dynamic stretching in advance of a driving range practice session.

Slow down and take your time between strokes. A golf practice session doesn’t require 200 balls to complete; instead, aim for more thoughtful shots rather than a fast-paced drill.

Don’t practise hitting the same flag 100 times on the driving range since you won’t have the same target over and over again on the course.

To improve attention and more accurately mimic real play, shift positions in between shots. Place the range ball bucket at least a few yards away from you. To get a ball, walk back and forth each time.

Make it a habit to practise your putting and chipping.

The more structured and deliberate a training session at the driving range the more you are likely to get out of it.