Watch: Great golf ASMR as early morning sounds made even better by funny driver fail


There is nothing like an early-morning round of golf.

The air is crisper and the sounds of the game clearer.

There is the slightest hint of sound as you set to hit that drive.

The club cuts the air like a knife and you hear the distinct swoosh, snick, dong! Wait, dong? For this guy, yes.

Golf is a game of so many great sounds and sensations, no more so than that distinctive sound of a ball coming to rest in a hole.

Drivers and irons create their own great sounds, and manufacturers have been paying more and more attention to the sound the clubs make as it makes up a big part of the enjoyment of the game.

There are also bad sounds, like a shanked shot, a chunked iron or the dull thud of a club collecting nothing but turf.

Still worse has to be the sound of the head snapping off a club and clanging down a cart path. Nails on a chalkboard.

Some great golf sounds

The Solid Thud: This sound is frequently linked to a well-placed iron shot. Strong impact between the clubhead and the ball produces a loud, pleasing thud that is audible from a distance. Experienced golfers aim to produce the sound with each stroke.

The High-Pitched Ping: A high-pitched ping usually indicates that a player hit a shot with a metal club, like a fairway wood or driver. These clubs frequently have hollow heads, which provide a unique sound when struck. When striking a ball with a titanium clubface, the ping might be particularly noticeable.

The Swoosh: This sound is commonly associated with the driver or a powerful swing. As the clubhead cuts through the air at high speed, it creates a swooshing noise that is quite distinct.

The Soft Click: The gentle click is at the other extreme of the range. This sound is typically produced when a person putts the ball delicately. There’s a faint, subtle click as the putter makes light contact with the ball. On the greens, it’s a sound that suggests control and accuracy.