WATCH: Wife makes no attempt to hide laugher watching husband mishit golf shot


A sense of humour is often a trait that attracts a mate.

If you can’t laugh at yourself on the golf course bring your wife along.

The gent in this video doesn’t seem to think that slicing his drive into the trees is terribly funny.

However, his wife filming the shot was tickled.

Enjoy a hearty laugh along with her.

Why to consider golfing as a couple

Every day, relationships encounter a variety of problems, including financial, emotional, and professional ones.

Being supportive of your spouse during difficult times applies to both the rough and the green.

Whether your spouse is attempting to record a birdie on a par 3 or simply learning to “hit it straight,” obstacles pave the road for success.

Your spouse will be well on their way to a “hole in one” if you encourage them and are their biggest admirer.

It’s remarkable how far a little word of encouragement can go, and the same is true in relationships.

When your spouse makes a birdie on the par 3 or finally “hits it straight,” tell them how terrific they did.

Nobody loves working hard for something they aren’t recognised for, especially golfers.

One of the most popular misunderstandings about golf is that it is dull, especially for novices – but in actuality, golf can be a lot of fun.

The potential for fun and happy memories are limitless if you create simple one-on-one competitions with your spouse, such as “Closest to the Pin” on a Par 3 or “Trouble” in which the aim is to avoid bunkers and hazards.

Having fun with your partner is one of the most crucial aspects of any relationship and a surefire way to happiness.

Couples can become closer as they cooperate to accomplish a common objective by taking on obstacles on the golf course.

Second, playing golf with friends or family is a great way to unwind and have fun. Finally, couples may develop their game as a team and learn from one another via golf.

Now that you have your clubs out, get out on the course with your partner to build a better and more fulfilling connection!