Highlights from the PGA Tour in 2017

From the best aces and bunker shots to the most ridiculous moments – The PGA Tour takes a trip down memory lane for 2017.

The PGA Tour’s official Youtube channel has shared a few incredible highlight videos in recent days, giving us all a chance to savour some of the best shots and crazy moments from the past season.

Holing out from the fairway is always an incredible moment – and a welcome bonus on the scorecard.

Here are the five best fairway hole outs of the year:

Most of the pros these days make getting out of bunkers look like child’s play. Even among all that talent on display, however, some shots stand out more than others.

Take a look at the five best bunker shots of 2017:

Most of us thank our lucky stars when we make a hole-in-one, though the pros seem to be luckier than most.

What about the five best aces of the year:

Moving from the sublime to the ridiculous, golf highlights aren’t always just about the greatest shots. Things can get pretty silly sometimes too.

To wit, here are the most ridiculous moments on the PGA Tour in 2017: