US Open king Koepka likes the gym…a lot

Brooks Koepka

Any guesses what Brooks Koepka was doing on the morning he won the US Open at Erin Hills?

How about a good, solid bacon and egg breakfast? He’d just played three tense rounds in three days, after all. Or a swim to loosen up? How about a morning jog? Yoga?

Nope. Koepka wasn’t interested in any of those things. As his coach Claude Harmon showed on Twitter, he was hitting the weights hard at 7am…

The well-built American looks as if he should be playing baseball or football. But it was a car accident when he was just 10 years old that changed his calling, as he was unable to play any contact sports for a summer. During that time, Koepka took up golf.

His weight regime shows on the course, as Koepka overpowered the Erin Hills course with his prodigious length, cruising to a four-stroke win.