Golfing world intensified through rebirth of Woods and Mickelson rivalry

Tiger Woods

Fierce competition between specific sportsmen and teams have been what’s fuelled some of the most intense sporting moments. Manchester City’s rise up the ranks in the football world has only spiced up Manchester United’s former rule on the Premier League, in the same way that the New England’s Patriots’ success only made them a standard for other sides to beat and eventually surpass in future seasons.

Golf was previously similar for its battle between Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, but their feud looks set to reignite. Not many of these sports are covered in so much detail but TeamFA gladly put themselves separate from the crowd with golf betting tips, coverage over all major tournaments, and a vast array of their own recommended bets and predictions.

Looking to the return of Tiger Woods, and how he’s got himself up to par with his former foe, we consider how two rivals are set to go toe-to-toe once more.

The Good Old Days

There was previously a time where Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson were both the most exciting rising stars in the sport, which prompted a lot of anticipation over how far they could take their careers.

It would be unexpected for anyone to be dumbfounded by Woods’ fall from grace, as it’s been a glamorised topic that appeared regularly in newspapers. Meanwhile, Mickelson hadn’t slumped quite so much as his adversary but had gone through a dry patch after failing to win a major tournament in five years.

Back To Basics

Returning to the spotlight in a more productive way has seen Tiger Woods slowly getting back to his best. It was a reoccurring back injury that hindered his chances at making the Farmers Insurance Open, as well as some other minor tournaments throughout the globe, but a fourth back operation in the space of four years was hoped to have remedied him back to his former glory.

Going through a different sort of rebirth, Phil Mickelson was more inclined to improve his game and outdo some of the younger stars who were beginning to take the place of both him and Woods. His WGC-Mexico Championship win had forty-seven-year-old Mickelson defeating twenty-three-year-old Justin Thomas, so he did more than prove his point in coming out on top there.

What The Future Holds

Towards the end of the nineties and the start of the noughties, Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson were the best hope for heroes in the world of golf, and both players each suffered the sorts of setbacks, be it self-inflicted or due to the way of the world, that delayed their hopes of fulfilling some truly hefty potential.

Now as they become better accustomed to today’s version of the sport with a high number of fantastic professional players who most punters would happily get behind for their own golf betting tips, there’s more of a challenge than ever before. It certainly looks like these two will be back to their best in ways most wouldn’t have ever predicted, but we can’t help but feel like we want to see them at their top of their game before it’s time to inevitably put away their clubs for one last time.