Mickelson swaps golf clubs for… a sniper rifle?

Golfers have been known to turn to unusual practice techniques to help their game, but trust Phil Mickelson to take it to the next level.

Mickelson recently shared a video of himself taking aim at a target far in the distance using a sniper rifle.

So what would make a golfer take up arms in order to prepare for a match play competition?

Luckily, Mickelson explained it all in his tweet.

“How is today’s long range sniper shooting preparing me for the Ryder Cup?,” he asked, before answering: “Meditation, controlling my thoughts, breathing, heart rate and connecting with the target are critical for both!”

To be fair, that does kind of make sense.

Mickelson is preparing to play in his 12th consecutive Ryder Cup match, having taken part in every edition of the biennial contest since 1995.

Looks this time around, he’ll be a little more prepared.