Phil Mickelson shows off cheesy dance moves in shirt ad

Phil Mickelson is not known for his skill on the dance floor and this advertisement for clothing company proves why.

Lefty is a five-time major winner in his own right, but a winner of dance competitions he is not.

Mickelson swapped the driver for his dancing shoes in an for Mizzen and Main, and he looks to be thoroughly enjoying himself.

“I think that if I’m able to perform in this shirt, anybody should be able to perform in this shirt and it was a challenge for me to get these moves down, but not because of the shirt that I was wearing, but because I lack the skill, but um, it was fun to take me out of my comfort zone,” quipped the 48-year-old.

Yeah Phil, way, way out your comfort zone. It gave us a good smile though, and as expected, it didn’t take long for the internet to start having fun with it: