Fearless fox steals golf ball in broad daylight

If you plan to play golf in Massachusetts any time soon, keep an eye out for a sneaky fox with designs on your golf ball.

A golfer named Hank Downey was enjoying a leisurely round at Springfield Country Club last Saturday when the rather unexpected occurred.

As he chipped a shot on to the green, he was suddenly greeted by the sight of a fox running over to the ball, picking it up with his mouth, and making a hasty getaway.

“They’ve been at the course all summer,” Downey told MassLive.com. “I’ve seen up to five of them at a time. I’ve heard the story of them doing the same thing to other golfers’ balls.”

Precisely what the foxes are doing with the golf balls isn’t clear, but perhaps we’ll find out about their masterplan just when we least expect it.