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    The Doctor will see you now

    I’m one of those strange, but common, breed of golfers who isn’t very good and yet has hardly had a lesson in his life.

    Dave Tindall
  • Rory McIlroy

    Watch: McIlroy’s Iron Masterclass

    Rory McIlroy recently featured in a Sky Sports Masterclass with an iron play special ahead of the British Masters.

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    How to buy irons that suit you

    When you are looking to buy new irons, one important consideration should be your trajectory.

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    Write a course playbook

    To help improve the management of your game out on the course, you should draw up a plan of how best to play it in the various conditions (ie Wind, or no wind etc) and write it into a course playbook.

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    Make the best of a bad lie

    If you find you have driven in to some heavy rough, unless you have an unusually good lie, always avoid the temptation of… var VUUKLE_EMOTE_SIZE = ""; VUUKLE_EMOTE_IFRAME = "" var EMOTE_TEXT = ["HAPPY","INDIFFERENT","AMUSED","EXCITED","ANGRY","SAD"]

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    Plan your lay-up

    When it is necessary to lay-up, plan your approach shot in such a way that it gives you the easiest possible shot to the green.

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    Turn Those shoulders

    If you are slicing too many of your shots, it is more than likely because you are not making a proper shoulder turn.

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    Don’t lift, or dip, your head

    Many golfers get themselves into trouble by raising or dipping their heads as they swing through.

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    You need a level head

    Too many club golfers get themselves in to trouble by either raising or dipping their heads when they swing.

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    A key swing checkpoint

    One of the key checks you can undergo to see that you are making a good swing is to see where you are at the finish of your swing.