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  • Golf365 Instruction: How to Hit an Iron With More Backspin

    Learn to transfer weight onto the left foot to hit down onto the ball to hit crisp, clean irons shots with the classic ‘ball turf’ sequence.

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    The Doctor will see you now

    I’m one of those strange, but common, breed of golfers who isn’t very good and yet has hardly had a lesson in his life.

    Dave Tindall
  • Rory McIlroy

    Watch: McIlroy’s Iron Masterclass

    Rory McIlroy recently featured in a Sky Sports Masterclass with an iron play special ahead of the British Masters.

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    How to buy irons that suit you

    When you are looking to buy new irons, one important consideration should be your trajectory.

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    Write a course playbook

    To help improve the management of your game out on the course, you should draw up a plan of how best to play it in the various conditions (ie Wind, or no wind etc) and write it into a course playbook.

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    Make the best of a bad lie

    If you find you have driven in to some heavy rough, unless you have an unusually good lie, always avoid the temptation of...

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    Plan your lay-up

    When it is necessary to lay-up, plan your approach shot in such a way that it gives you the easiest possible shot to the green.

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    Turn Those shoulders

    If you are slicing too many of your shots, it is more than likely because you are not making a proper shoulder turn.

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    Don’t lift, or dip, your head

    Many golfers get themselves into trouble by raising or dipping their heads as they swing through.

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    You need a level head

    Too many club golfers get themselves in to trouble by either raising or dipping their heads when they swing.