Bjorn opens up on picking Garcia for Ryder Cup

Thomas Bjorn revealed he is not one to say ‘I told you so’ after getting berated in the lead up to the Ryder Cup for picking Sergio Garcia.

The Spaniard was one of Bjorn’s wild card picks despite having a rather poor 2018 season. Garcia did pick up one victory, but ultimately missed seven cuts, his worst since 2003.

Nonetheless, Garcia has been a vital part of European Ryder Cup teams in the past so Bjorn went with his gut…and it paid off. Garcia contributed three points from his four matches as Europe cruised to a 17½ – 10½ victory over the USA.

“I’m not one to sit there and say I told you so, because Sergio could have showed up and not won points,” the Dane told Golf Week.

“He could have played well and lost matches. That happens in the Ryder Cup.To sit there and say, ‘oh, I told you he was going to come and do this,’ nobody can predict that with any player in the Ryder Cup. That’s not what it’s about.

“What you try and get across to players is that it doesn’t matter what you do on the golf course. When you look in the top left-hand corner of the TV and there’s a result there, that’s what matters, and that’s the only thing that we’re trying to do together. Doesn’t matter who delivers them.

“But you have to have that environment through the 12 of them, and everybody around them, where they have the opportunity to deliver their best, and for me – and that wouldn’t be for every captain – but for me he was a crucial part of that.”