Golf365 Review: Biofreeze cold therapy pain reliever

The exceptional golfer is not the one who hits fairways and greens for fun, or the one with short game wizardry, or even the golfer who drains every putt he looks at.

The standout golfer is the one who doesn’t play with aches and pains.

Bad knees, bad backs, bad shoulders, bad arms, bad feet, bad legs – every part of the golfer’s body will at some point hurt.

It makes the business of walking three miles (whilst carrying an awkward-shaped bag and stopping periodically to undertake complicated stretching exercises that involved a metal stick and rock hard ball) at times arduous.

Golf365 tried out BioFreeze, the cold therapy pain reliever.

They say

“Once a muscle or joint is injured, well-managed movement and exercise is typically the key to rehabilitation. However, when pain limits a body’s ability to start the rehabilitation process it will take considerably longer to resume leading a normal lifestyle.”

“Clinically proven, Biofreeze products help break the pain cycle, and as a topical pain reliever it delivers the therapeutic pain relieving benefits of cold therapy in an effective and convenient gel formula.”

“Acting as the perfect gym and fitness training companion, Biofreeze relieves symptoms of muscle aches and spasms, soreness, sprains, strains, bumps, pulls and bruises by simply applying gel directly to the affected area.”

“Biofreeze is a cooling gel clinically proven to be as effective as ice application in delivering rapid pain relief and reduction of inflammation. One of the many advantages of Biofreeze gel is that it allows for activity during treatment, meaning it’s a simple and fuss free method of treatment that allows users to continue with everyday life as normal.”

“Applied around the injured area Biofreeze will reduce skin temperature, reduce blood flow, lessen inflammation and allow the body to repair itself quickly – producing many of the benefits of ice without the complications of dripping or leaking and a wider range of movement upon application.”

We say

Creaking knees and a slightly dodgy back are my main problems. My golfing partner for the day suffers from a touch of tennis elbow.

We both began the round and it took a few holes before the various aches and pains started to reveal themselves.

We’d got the Biofreeze roll-on (easy to pack in the golf bag) and discovered it is quick drying, with a slight menthol smell.

There was a pretty much immediate feeling of tingling and with it a feeling not exactly of cold, but of cooling.

We delayed immediate judgement, but there was a notable lessening of aching from both of us and more freedom of movement.

Midway through the back nine, with four holes up a hill to go, we applied more and it confirmed out feeling that Biofreeze was performing as hoped. Those knees held up to the task, the back didn’t moan and my opponent lashed two shots to the green of the 18th, whereupon I slightly regretted letting him join the test.

Biofreeze will be staying in the bag.

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