Drive Long, Drive Straight, But Drive Safe


For some golfers the most important hole on the course is the 19th, but it’s essential that your journey home is a safe one and AlcoSense can help.

In the 21st century most golfers now use the accurate and high grade technology to aid their game.

On the course alone plenty of players will never hit a drive before referring to a handheld mapping device.

The reason? They want to hit a good drive, but they want to find the right line so they hit a safe drive.

And it should be no different leaving the 19th hole. No-one should be risking anything other than a safe drive home.

You might have enjoyed a nice meal with a glass of wine after a round with friends. Or a quick pint after a late nine holes. Or even celebrated at the Club’s Christmas Party.

But how do you know for certain is it is safe to set off? And if you’ve had more than a few drinks and had a lift home, how do you know if you’re safe to drive the next morning?

Truth is, there is a lot of guesswork involved.

But just as modern golfers won’t trust a hunch on the course, preferring high technology to get the job done properly, so we no longer need to guess before making the drive home.

The pocket-sized devices AlcoSense Excel and AlcoSense Pro are breathalysers which use an extremely accurate sensor, used by several UK police forces, together with a colour screen that clearly shows whether you’re over the limit.

The backlit blow tube receptor is perfect for use on dark mornings or evenings and the readings are automatically fine-tuned according to the temperature.

AlcoSense Pro also has a ‘Blow Coach’ so you don’t blow too hard, too softly or for too short a time ensuring that your reading is even more accurate. It even has a ‘Time Until Sober’ forecast and Re-test Alert.

Golf365 has tested the AlcoSense Excel and what’s initially most striking is the sleek design and ease of use. Opening the box, reading the instructions and completing the first time set-up takes no time at all.

Making a reading itself is just as straightforward with the small and smartly designed unit.

It’s a strange feeling to gauge your level and actually be able to discover where you are in relation to the limit.

But the comparison with playing golf with gadgets really works: not only do you have clear cut information in your hands immediately, but you can make quality decisions as a consequence.

And it’s not just about making yourself safer, but your passengers, plus other drivers and pedestrians.

Both breathalysers have the ability to give you over 40 country destination alcohol driving limits (the Pro has these pre-programmed), so that you can use your breathalyser when driving between Scotland and England over the festive season (the limits are not the same) or for golfing road trips year round.

Both devices are manufactured according to ISO13485, the benchmark in medical device quality systems. AlcoSense also offers an after-care annual re-calibration test to ensure its products continue to work at factory-set accuracy levels year round.

AlcoSense has also won awards in the Sunday Times Tech List, Auto Express Best Buy, and What Car? Best Breathalyser category, among others.

The AlcoSense Excel retails at £99.99 and the AlcoSense Pro £149.99. For more information visit the website and safe driving.