Quiz: Can you name the last ten venues to play host to The Open Championship


The Open Championship is the tournament that embodies the spirit of competitive golf for most people – but can you name the last 10 venues to host it?

When tallying up the venues, bear in mind that the span of tournaments stretches back to 2009.

One venue has staged the Open Championship three times in that time, and two others twice, while the remaining seven locales have each staged one edition of the Major.

The Open Championship, sometimes known as The Open or the British Open, is one of the most famous and oldest golf competitions in the world. It was first conducted at the Prestwick Golf Club in Scotland from its founding in 1860. Later, a small selection of British seaside links golf clubs took turns hosting the event.

The Masters Tournament, PGA Championship, and U.S. Open are the other three Majors for men and currently precede the event in the United Kingdom.

Ever since the PGA Championship was rescheduled until May, the Open has been the year’s fourth and last Major occupying a mid-July slot in the schedule.

Since it is theoretically “open” to both professional and amateur golfers, it is known as The Open. In actuality, the present event is a professional competition in which a select group of elite amateurs from across the world participates by invitation or qualifying. Numerous new open golf competitions have been developed globally as a result of the tournament’s success.

The Open is always held on a seaside links golf course. Links golf is sometimes referred to as the “purest” type of golf, remaining true to the game’s origins in Scotland in the 15th century. The landscape is open, with few trees and an undulating topography. These Golf courses are frequently sculpted by nature rather than ‘made’. Weather, particularly wind, is significant, and while there will be a prevailing onshore breeze, fluctuations in wind direction and severity during the event may need a somewhat different approach to each round of golf. The courses are particularly known for their deep pot bunkers and gorse bushes that make up the “rough”.

“I never felt I could be a complete professional without having won the British Open. It was something you had to do to complete your career,” Arnold Palmer said of the event.

Have a go at naming the iconic venues of the incredible Open Championship.

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