Woods turns 40, isn’t done yet

He may not be in the best of shape as he turns 40, but Tiger Woods has vowed to keep fighting in 2016.

The former world number reached the significant birthday milestone on Wednesday as he continues to recover from his latest back surgery.

Woods has had three back operations in the last two years, and as a result has spent more time off the golf course than on it during that time.

Still, the 14-time major champion is determined to stay as positive as he can about his future prospects, firmly believing that life really can begin at 40.

Writing his New Year's message on his website, Woods said he hopes to be around for another decade at least.

“The thing I’m looking forward to most about 2016 is getting back out there again. I’ve missed it, and I would like to do it pain-free,” he wrote.

“I haven’t done that in what seems like a long time. I’ve had it in spurts the last few years and have done some pretty good things, but I’d like to have sustained health. Hopefully, I’ll be able to play my way onto the Ryder Cup team. 

"Where do I see myself in the next five to 10 years? I am still playing golf at the highest level and winning tournaments and major championships.”

Woods was similarly defiant when addressing the media in the Bahamas recently.

Asked if he believed he was nearing retirement, he replied: "Come on, I’m not retired. I’m not done yet.

"I know there will be a time when I will get to rehab, get to start working out again and I’ll do everything I can to get back out here. It’s going to be tough to get back. You know I’m not patient. And it’s so different this time. To get better I can’t do anything. That’s never been the case in the past.”