Woods: I want to play golf again

Tiger Woods has made it clear he’s determined to play professional golf again, although he admits he doesn’t know when that will be.

The former World No 1 went into more detail on his withdrawal from the Masters earlier in the year and his decision to undergo another back surgery, as well as his prospects for a return to the game.

In a new post on TigerWoods.com, Woods said he was left with no choice but to go back under the knife.

“I could no longer live with the pain I had,” he said. “We tried every possible non-surgical route and nothing worked. I had good days and bad days, but the pain was usually there, and I couldn’t do much. Even lying down hurt. I had nerve pain with anything I did and was at the end of my rope.

“I did everything I could to play at Augusta and was ready to go. Unfortunately, it was kind of like the 2008 U.S. Open. The pain was post-impact when I swung the club,” Woods added. “I figured, ‘Can I handle it?’ This time the answer was, ‘probably not.’ That shows the effect nerve pain can have.

“Obviously, it was a huge disappointment not to play. I hate to miss any major, especially the Masters, but the reality is I just couldn’t play.”

There was at least some good news for Tiger, who said his surgery was a success. It has made him more determined than ever to return to golf.

“It was instant nerve relief. I haven’t felt this good in years,” he said. “I want to say unequivocally, I want to play professional golf again.”

Woods ended with admitting there was still a long road ahead.

“Presently, I’m not looking ahead. I can’t twist for another two and a half to three months. Right now, my sole focus is rehab and doing what the doctors tell me. I am concentrating on short-term goals.

“There’s a long way to go, but as I said, words cannot convey how good it feels to be pain-free.”