Woods and caddie pair up for quirky clip

Tiger Woods teamed up with caddie Joe LaClava for a interesting Q&A with GOLFTV following a practice round at the Farmers Insurance Open.

Woods is seven-time winner of the event and all eyes will be on the former world number one this week, especially LaClava’s…

Q: You guys have been together for eight years, Tiger, what is the best caddie trait from Joe?

TW: (Laughs) The best? Is there a best?

Q: What are the do’ s and don’ts of carrying Tigers Bag?

Joe: What I haven’t got used to in 8 years is having a fresh glove on the first tee.

TW: Yes, true.

Joe: You worked for Fred (Couples) for 21 years with no glove, and Tiger’s looking at me on the first tee like, well? Well what? Where’s my glove? There’s really no do’s and don’ts. You know, Tiger’s great about me giving advice. You know that’s the thing about both of us… we always think we’re right. Yet he’s willing to listen to you and he cares and wants to hear what you say. He trusts you in that respect. At the same time I know he’s the boss and he has the final decision.

Q: Today was pro-am day. Do they always go as planned?

TW: I played one at Westchester. The guy hit down so hard he drove it into the ground, hit it backwards off the tee. Which I thought was very impressive! I had one guy who hit one right off the heel, it hit his shin – which I didn’t think was possible – and then we get all the way round to 18 and he hit one off the toe of the club that went straight right that hit a gentleman in the mid section (laughs), and dropped him. So he had two shots in one round that I’ve never seen.

Joe: For me the pro-am’s are about having a good time with the guys but more than that, I look forward to when we play Peyton Manning or Markie Mark Wahlberg, or stuff like that. So I get jacked up about that. And I’ve seen those shots from all of these guys but they’re nervous or having a tough time out there but generally good guys it’s an easy day.

Q: There’s a new rule that allows you to putt with the flagstick in.- will you be trying this?

TW: I’ve been trying, experimenting and testing at home quite a bit. Trying to figure out what speed, what distance, what range, what would happen if I left it in with my read change, lines change, speed change. Just trying to figure out if it is advantageous.. does it change my perception of how I should hit the putt. If not, does it alter in a good way or a bad way… and we’ll see what happens.

Q: Why did you want Joe as your caddie?

When he was on Freddie’s bag for a number of years, was so nice to me when I was playing practice rounds wth Fred and I’d ask a bunch of different questions and I’d play him in the major championships when I was an amateur. And even when I was early on in my pro career, and Freddie’s become like a surrogate dad to me.. And Joey was kind enough to come on board and we’ve had eight wins together… what, nine? Were both pretty feisty out there. We’re both pretty competitive. We don’t really talk a lot but we’re both pretty emotional when we’re playing. He’s an unbelievable green reader. It’s great to have a verification of eyes and he’s read some pretty important putts.

Q: What makes caddying for Tiger so special?

Joe: I consider him the greatest player of all time so people to me all the time and go, you’re a pretty loyal guy, hanging around when he was hurt and other stuff. And I didn’t feel that way. I feel very fortunate to be in the position I am, and so I feel lucky to have ht spot I have. Tiger treats me like abuddy. I hang out at his house. I hang out with the kids. I fly with the guy. I stay at his house all the time. We go to dinner. So we’re buddies first but I also get it. He’s the boss and I work for him. But he doesn’t treat like that at all.

Q When you hear in a recent interview he’d have waited a hundred years for you.. how special is that?

TW: Pretty romantic (laughs)