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While the northern hemisphere spends January in freezing temperatures, the first month of the year in Australia is warm and sunny. January is the peak of the summer Down Under, and is a great time to travel and enjoy a Christmas that is not white. The best parts of Australia to travel in January are the south and the west. The north experiences near boiling temperature hikes so it’s advised to avoid that region of the country. If you are planning on spending annual holidays in Australia, here are the best places to visit:

Port Macquarie, New South Wales

Port Macquarie is breathtakingly scenic this time of the year. It’s located between tourist favourites Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Port Macquarie is one of Australia’s favourite leisurely towns, and there are so many things to do in January. You can enjoy a relaxing stroll down the fames Coastal Walk, enjoy unforgettable dishes at Breakwall, and discover the Sea Acres National Park. Don’t forget to stop by the Koala Hospital, especially if you have kids. The town’s Billabong Zoo is also worth a visit.

Tour Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide

Australia’s most famous cities are bustling with activity and festivities in January. Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide are located along the coast on south Western Australia, and are great destinations to start exploring the country. The cities are amazingly multicultural, so you can enjoy the New Year’s in any way you like. You can join up with traditional festivities, or hit a hip bar or a cafe for a midnight countdown. January is also the tennis season in Australia. Get your Australian open tickets in advance if you are a sports fan and enjoy the cities.

Geelong, Victoria

Geelong is a favourite summer leisure destination for Australians. Geelong is located near Melbourne, and is sometimes referred to as the city’s “little brother.” If you want a more low-key city to spend time in New Year’s, Geelong will be a great place. This coastal town offers amazing ocean views and sea sports activities. If you want to spend time on the beach and perhaps go for a swim, visit Queenscliff. There are tours there to swim with dolphins. Ocean Grove is great to try Australia’s favourite pastime: surfing. If you want a quirky attraction to tour, go to Geelong’s National Wool Museum. The city is also famous for a giant waterfront Carousel that kids and adults can all enjoy.

Snowy Mountains, New South Wales

Snowy mountains are snow capped and cold most time of the year, but in January the temperatures range around a pleasant 20 Celsius degrees. If you want a scenic vacation in January and enjoy the nature, this would be a great place. You can hike, ride horses into the mountain, trek at Mt. Kosciusko, and Go River sledding at Lake Crackenback. There’s also a famous brewery in the area to try unique craft beers.

Hobart, Tasmania

January is one of the more pleasant months in Tasmania, the tiny island off the southern coast of Australia. Tasmania is the closest you will get to explore untamed Australia of the old. Hobart is the biggest town on the island, and one of the best places to relax at. It’s much safer than the wilder areas too. In Hobart, you can visit museum, indulge in local seafood dishes, and cruise around the island.

Plan your January Australia tour with one of the above destinations in mind.