When John Daly met ‘Beef’

Two of the more entertaining characters in world golf met up recently, and it went about as you'd expect.

It seems that John Daly and Andrew "Beef" Johnston – both burly and colourful characters on and off the course –  have struck up a bit of a friendship and have been hanging out together:

Here's Daly trying to explain the finer points of American pronunciation:

The pair even took part in an entertaining 30-minute Q&A on Periscope, which was filmed by Daly's fiancee, Anna Cladakis.

Highlights from the chat include finding out that Daly prefers Ed Sheeran to Metallica, a discussion over who's the longer hitter (It's Beef), and who they're picking for the Masters.

It also turns out they have very different gambling habits, which is definitely a good thing for Johnston.