WATCH: Paige Spiranac takes on Country Club Adjacent’s Back Off Challenge

Paige Spiranac

Country Club Adjacent finally lined up Paige Spiranac for a Back Off Challenge.

The jokes were quite reserved for the notoriously bawdy content creators, but one comment did draw a backward glance from the former collegiate and professional golfer.

She still hit a decent drive under pressure.

Warning: Some of the language in the video below may be offensive to sensitive viewers.

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Spiranac set her eyes on “starting fresh and resetting goals” before revealing her annual goals to her 3.9 million Instagram followers recently.

Before outlining her goals for 2024, the 30-year-old encouraged her followers to express their aspirations.

“Starting with golf, I want to be a plus handicap again,’ she told her followers. ‘I’m around a scratch right now so I want to get a little bit better.

“I’ll be sharing tips and tricks on how to practice and improve on [Instagram].”

She also wants to read more and text back faster.

“I actually want to text back faster,” she said.

“Sometimes when people text me back, it takes me a while to respond, and no one is that busy, so I can do a better job doing that and I want to do a better job doing that.”

She also promised her fans more content in 2024.

“With posting, I just want to post more,’ Spiranac said.

“Sometimes I just felt like I was posting what I thought would work and what was like the perfect post, and I don’t want to do that anymore.

In conclusion, the well-known sports influencer revealed her intentions to ‘lean up’ and ensure she is comfortable in her skin in 2024.

Spiranac has gained a lot of popularity recently, with only Tiger Woods surpassing her as the most-Googled golfer in 2023.

Based on statistics from the social media monitors, Woods topped Google searches for golf in 42 of the 50 states in the US.

In four states, Spiranac was the most Googled player, and in thirty-two, he was ranked second.