WATCH: Golfer bends shot around tree in amazing shot you’ll watch on repeat


Golf doesn’t get enough credit for being a game that you can truly play your own way.

Natural obstacles and unique course layouts make almost every round you play different.

And this clip shows just how creative shotmaking can make for a great experience on the course.

Seemingly blocked by a tree, this golfer expertly shapes his shot to attack the green.

This is a thing of beauty.

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Shaping your shots – or having the ability to when needed – can be a golfer’s greatest asset.

When setting up shots and devising a strategy for individual strokes, never penalise yourself for hitting one dead straight.

“Don’t ever aim the ball at trouble,” Jack Nicklaus said. “Don’t ever aim the ball at out of bounds. Don’t ever aim the ball at a lake. You always aim away from it. And if you have to play back towards it, make sure that you can’t hook it enough to get there or make sure you can’t fade it enough to get to it.”

For example, never aim for the water and hope for a draw to get onto the green or fairway. Even though the straight shot is undoubtedly the most difficult stroke in the game, you should never penalise yourself for making one by accident.

Make sure you practise odd shots you wouldn’t typically attempt, such as hitting huge hooks or high moon balls, on the range first. Even while you obviously can’t practise every stroke, you should make sure you know the fundamentals of each shot before attempting it on the course.

As per Nicklaus: “To shape a shot, better to change your setup than your swing.”

Don’t unnecessarily alter your swing to try to add shape to your shots, this can destroy your rhythm and even increase the risk of injury.

Once you’ve set yourself to go for a shot, you should be all in to play it and pull it off this means from a physical and mental standpoint.

Golf is a creative and thinking game but too much thought can be your worst nightmare on a course.

Ball tracking technology can help you pick apart your shots afterwards but save that analysis for when your round is in the book.

Getting the right equipment should also help your shotmaking ability and targeted coaching is worth considering if there is any aspect of your game that you are looking to improve.