Turkey withdraws Ryder Cup bid

Turkey withdrew its bid just ahead of inspection visits from tournament officials which will get under way this week.

Ahmet Agaoglu, president of the Turkish Golf Federation, said: “We have greatly enjoyed working on this project and assessing whether we would be in a position to launch a viable bid to host the 2022 Ryder Cup.

“Although we believe that Turkey is now an established golfing destination, with a collection of world-class courses, it has not proven possible to secure the necessary logistical arrangements in order to proceed and so we have reluctantly decided to withdraw from the process at this time.

“We have enjoyed working with Ryder Cup Europe and firmly believe that the information gained during this period will one day allow us to revisit this incredible opportunity.”

The Turkish bid was also briefly withdrawn for a 24-hour period in November, only to be reinstated again.

Reports suggests the withdrawal was prompted by concerns over the number of trees which needed to be removed from the chosen course.

The first inspection will take place in Germany on Tuesday, before Spain and Italy the following week.

Ryder Cup Europe officials will then visit Austria at the end of the month before wrapping up inspections with a visit to Portugal.