Trump Turnberry falls out of favour

The Royal & Ancient has revealed that Turnberry will not be considered for an Open Championship until after 2022.

Donald Trump purchased the iconic course – which featured the famous ‘Duel in the Sun’ between Jack Nicklaus and Tom Watson – in 2014 and subsequently renamed it Trump Turnberry.

The Scottish links course has hosted four Open’s it its 110-year history

At the time, the business magnate was vocal about the opportunity for his course to host another Open. However, recent controversial comments made about Mexicans and Muslims during his election campaign have arguably swayed the R&A’s attitude.

Martin Slumbers, R&A CEO, said that the governing body had been in discussions about venues for the 2021 and 2022 Open Championships.

“At no point during those discussions has Turnberry been part of that,” Slumbers told The Guardian. 

“So that’s where we are. And 2022 and beyond it is something we don’t have to think about for a few years.”

While Slumbers did not confirm that Trump’s recent comments had put Turnberry out of favour, it is implied by the standards the R&A holds itself to, as golf comes first.

“We are very focused on the macro environment,” explained Slumbers.

“We as an organisation have said that we believe golf should be open to all, regardless of gender, race, nationality or religion, and that’s where we sit.

“I’d much rather see championships focus on the golf and what’s going on. We host the Open Championship to crown the champion golfer of the year on the Sunday night and thankfully I think it’s much better to focus on the golf because that’s what we’re there for.

“We are aware of the macro environment and how the macro environment fits into the staging of the championship. But the individual components of that macro environment are not something that we should openly discuss. It’s not appropriate.”