Top 10 Destinations to Golf Around the World

In a recent article Derek Murray showcased some of his best golf courses to play on. Derek Murray is one of the world’s leading golf equipment experts, receiving the World ClubMaker award in 2010. He has been to various tour events such as the European tour and has invaluable expertise in the sport, from a lifetime spent immersed in various golf-related activities. From that feature we have decided to put together some of the best golfing destinations in the world. If you are planning a golfing trip, these destinations are some of the best places to tee off from.

Royal County Down – Newcastle, Ireland

From Belfast to the Tralee, Ireland offers a unique golfing experience. In particular, the Royal County Down in the north is arguably the best locally. Founded in 1889 as the Royal County Down Golf Club, it is an hour's drive south of Belfast International Airport. The course feels like something from a Lord of the Rings movie as the greens creep by the coast and the waves crash down below.  Imbued with a macabre natural beauty this course is truly a must-see. Many golfers are blown away by the scenery and the rich history makes this a golfing Mecca. 

St Andrews (Old course) – Fife, Scotland

St Andrews Links is one of the oldest golf courses, granting it a rich heritage, and Old Course is a dream for many golfing enthusiasts. The rough terrain, a lot of strategic options and bunkers you could get lost in, give this ancient course authenticity and character. Enjoy old-school links golf at St Andrews golf course and join the ranks of nobility and royalty alike who have graced this historic course.

The Plantation – Maui, Hawaii

If the old links game is a bit harsh for you, the Plantation offers beauty on a grand scale. Tailored to the West Maui Mountains, this course offers a magnificent ocean view from each hole. With large fairways and lavish greens the course is manageable even for weaker golfers. Enjoy sand beaches and long drives in Maui, on one of the best courses in Hawaii.

Augusta National – Augusta, Ga, USA

Modelled after the Old Course, Augusta was the brainchild of Bobby Jones and Allister McKenzie and now plays host to the annual master tournament. It is one of the most famous courses on the planet, and one of the most exclusive clubs in the country. It offers players strategic freedom, it has large fairways and the greens are just delicious. Coupled with the historical reverence and natural beauty this course stands head and shoulders above all the rest.

Royal Porthcawl Golf Club – Royal Porthcawl, Wales

Started by Charles Gibson back in 1891, Porthcawl is characterized by high bunkers and seaside views which are ever present. Famously, Tiger Woods suffered defeat at the hands of Wolstenholme for the 1995 Walker Cup. To win here you will have to master the terrain, drives won’t be enough, and control of the ball will be paramount.

The Kinloch Club – Taupo, New Zealand

Designed by legend, Jack Nicklaus, this course might be his best. If you cannot get access to those old links courses of the British Isles, this course has an old-school links feel. Fairways and bunkers all follow the old links style, and will be a great alternative. 

Leopard Creek Country Club – Mpumulanga, South Africa

Lying on the edge of the Kruger National Park, this course has a wild side. You are surrounded by wildlife on this Gary Player Championship Layout course. It’s a very exclusive club but, if you aren’t a member, you can still play midweek. This is a definite for all the golfing enthusiasts out there.

Sandy Lane Golf Club (Green Monkey) – Barbados

Named after the local Bajan Green primates, this course is a luxury getaway. A mix of golf and island living makes this course exceptional. The few holes can be navigated well, allowing you to ease into the game and better handle subsequent holes. This gives your game a smooth progression; you will need it too because of those tough island greens.

Royal Melbourne (West) Golf Club – Victoria, Australia

This is regarded as one of Australia’s best golf courses. It was conceptualised by legendary designer, Dr Allister McKenzie. It has really strong design elements, bringing new aspects to the game and stronger strategic play. This truly is one of the best golf courses in the southern hemisphere.

Royal St George – Sandwich, England

The British Isles has some great links courses, but this is one of the very best. Dr William Laidlaw Purves in 1885 turned a piece of land with expansive dunes into one of the best courses in the northern hemisphere. Undulating fairways and tough terrain make St George one of the most challenging courses. This course will push you to really bring out your best game.

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