Tiger’s golf swing looks pretty good

He may have pulled the plug on his long-awaited comeback, but Tiger Woods has clearly been hard at work on fixing his swing.

The golfing world was bracing for the former World No 1's return at the Safeway Classic this week, but Woods withdrew at the 11th hour, stating that he just wasn't comfortable with the state of his game yet.

For Woods to take a bit more time to ensure his game is exactly where he wants to be is understandable, but there were also fears that perhaps he still wasn't 100% healthy.

But judging by the videos of his golf swing taken from a clinic a day after his withdrawal, Woods looks to be pain-free. His swing also looks pretty impressive, all of which bodes well for his eventual return:

These clips are certainly encouraging, and raise the hope that we will indeed see Tiger back in action before too long.