Tiger: I’m far from being done

While he admits he has no idea when, Tiger Woods is confident he will return to golf at some point.

Last week, the former world number one gave a couple of interviews that suggested he might be coming to terms with the end of his career, but he made it clear on Sunday he doesn't consider his career to be over just yet.

Woods hasn't hit a club in two months, and still has no clear timeline on a comeback from his latest back surgery, but that doesn't mean he's throwing in the towel.

Speaking during a stint in the NBC commentary box during the final round of the Hero World Challenge, Woods said: "I understand that this (injury) is very different. It doesn't mean that I'm not going to rehab, not going to train and not going to fight to get back.

"I'm far from being done but I have to being patient, which is something I'm not very good at when it comes to that side of it!

"When I'm on the golf course I can be very patient, but when it comes to this stuff I love to train, love to bust my butt to try and get better.

"They're telling me that I can't do anything in order to get better, and that was a hard transition for me to understand and wrap my head around, as it's sort of counter-intuitive of how I've always been."

Woods is realistic about his latest setback, however, and knows this comeback could take even longer than previous ones.

"I think that's why you saw the interviews the way they were is that I had to take a different look at it," Woods added. "I had to step back and say 'I can't do much or even anything at all in order to get better'.

"Eventually it's going to be a step by step and I'll start getting in to the rehab process and start really going, but when? I don't know. Is that hard? Yeah, absolutely it's hard.

"I don't really know what the light at the end of tunnel is or where or when I start, or then the progression once I get there.

"When I ruptured my ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) and had that surgery you're back in nine months. Is it tough? Yeah. Is it painful? Absolutely, but you're back in nine months. Here, they (Woods' medical team) are not staying anything."