Tiger admits Jack Nicklaus’ record is back in his sights

Tiger Woods believes if he does all the right things and a bit of luck goes his way, he can surpass Jack Nicklaus’ record of 18 major victories.

Since Woods captured his fifth green jacket at the Masters earlier this month, it has re-ignited talk of him passing the most coveted record in golf.

And while Woods has no illusions about how hard it will be to overhaul Nicklaus’ legendary achievement, he definitely believes it’s possible.

“The only thing I can promise you is this, that I will be prepared,” Woods told GOLFTV.

“Now whether or not it all comes together – because you need to have mind, body and soul come together for those four days – that doesn’t always happen.

“If you think about it, I’ve been out here what, 23 years or so? It’s only come together 15 times.

“[But] I always thought it was possible, if I had everything go my way,” he added. “It took him an entire career to get to 18, so now that I’ve had another extension to my career — one that I didn’t think I had a couple of years ago — if I do things correctly and everything falls my way, yeah, it’s a possibility.”

Woods also credited his performances at last year’s Open and the PGA Championship, where he was in contention on both Sundays, as helping him clinch the victory at Augusta.

“Those two major championships allowed me to have this one,” he said. “And hopefully, this one will allow me to have a few more.”

Woods also credited a new shot in his arsenal that allows him to hit draws with his driver, now that he no longer has as much length as he used to, as helping him to contend with the world’s best again.

“I’ve lost a little bit off my fastball, so I’ve got to rely on the driver,” Woods said. “And so I found something in my game when I start feeling comfortable turning it.”

Woods said while he’d been thinking of the Masters for six months leading up to it, he now has far less time to prepare for the year’s remaining majors, which will all be coming thick and fast as a result of a rejigged schedule.

The PGA Championship, normally staged in August, is just three weeks away, with the US Open and Open Championship following in June and July.

“I haven’t got to the point where I’m willing to put in the hours yet and do the dirty stuff to get the body ready, to put in all the hours of hitting golf balls and putting,” Woods added. “I’m doing all the visual stuff, but I haven’t put in the physical work yet. But it’s probably coming this weekend.”