The Ryder Cup 2018 Round-Up


With the Ryder Cup all wrapped-up for this year, we thought it was time we took a look at this year’s edition of the competition that saw spectators flood in to support their favourite players.

Golf has grown in popularity over the years, with fans celebrating more prominently across the globe regardless of which golf course or cup the top players are competing at. The Ryder Cup, in particular, brings excitement to the game as a team composed of players from across the United States compete against a team of players from Europe. The tournament is held every two years and takes place in different countries each year, alternating between golf courses in Europe and the United States.

2018 brought the Ryder Cup to Paris at the end of September and did not disappoint. Europe regained the cup and brought it home when they thrashed the US on French soil. The competition brought lots of excitement and plenty of drama to France over the days of the competition, which repeatedly made headlines across the globe.

The Winners

The winning title was stolen by Francesco Molinari when he beat Phil Mickelson and brought Europe to victory. Beating Phil Mickelson not only meant that Francesco Molinari pulled his team to victory, but he also became the first European in the Ryder Cup to win five points, which made his victory even more impressive! However, some argue that the European team had an advantage due to them having played competitively at Le Golf National just before the Ryder Cup with around 200 rounds between them. Out of the twelve Americans, however, only three of them had played on the soil competitively. With the course having tight fairways and a deep rough, it was very different to the courses the Americans were used to playing on in their PGA Tour.

The Unfortunate Incident

The golf tournament did, unfortunately, have an unpleasant incident, when Brooks Koepka, a triple major winner, hit one of the spectators, Corine Remande, in the eye. She was rushed to the hospital, where she was later informed that she had lost her vision in that eye permanently. Koepka’s poor tee shot on the opening day really did shake him up, and resulted in Corine blind in one eye and wanting to sue the organisers of the Ryder Cup. This very unfortunate event was not how Koepka wanted to start the tournament off and it clearly had an effect on him, with him visibly being shaken up.

The Aftermath

Whenever a tournament ends, we’re faced with the ‘aftermath’. In most cases, this can feature changes in rankings in leagues, changing odds for players and even obvious differences in the way that fans decide to bet on players in the next tours and tournaments. To fully understand how these change and what this year’s Ryder Cup has done to the leagues, we first have to understand how betting here works:

Betting On The Tournament

It can be difficult to not place a bet when most players have odds in the 20/1-40/1 range, with the opportunity to win big right there at your feet. Whether you never bet, bet occasionally or are a seasoned gambler, these odds certainly add some excitement to the cup.

The most enjoyable bets to make are the head to head bets as they are the simplest on the board – all you have to do is simply bet on who will ‘win’ or finish higher up between two players. These bets can be used on a single 18-hole round up to a 72-hole tournament, so there is a lot of variety with this type of betting. However, another exciting type of bet to consider is prop bets, which are bets that don’t fit into a category, including unlikely occurrences that could take place during play in the tournament, or where in the rankings player A may finish in comparison to player B.

Whatever bet you choose, the odds associated with each player can help you determine who is most likely to help you make a profit. From here, you can then decide whether a player is worth betting on. After the Ryder Cup, these odds can change drastically. Next, we’re taking a look at some of the key players and how they stand after the final.

Player Statistics And Ratings

The European team’s statistics and ratings after the Ryder Cup have over-taken the American’s, with the likes of Henrik Stenson, Francesco Molinari, Tommy Fleetwood and Sergio Garcia all being awarded higher than 7/10 for their performance and gaining the most points each after their games, giving them some of the highest ratings from the tournament. None of the European team rated lower than a 6/10 for their play, unlike the American team, with some players, including Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, unfortunately, being rated a shocking 2/10.

This significant difference is reflected in how many points the individuals gained from their matches. Phil Mickelson for the United States, for example, didn’t gain any points due to him losing both of his games. Jordan Spieth was the only player for the American team to get a score over 6/10, due to him winning three out of his five matches and gaining three points in total. The player that really excelled himself during the Ryder Cup was Francesco Molinari, who successfully won all of his matches and was a fantastic contribution to the European team, by adding five points to their score. Deservedly, Francesco was awarded 10/10 for his exceptional performance whilst playing on the French course.

The Ryder Cup saw a real mixture of play and results, some which shocked audiences and others which didn’t come as much of a surprise. The question is, will Europe be able to hold onto their win at the next Ryder Cup, or will America win it back?