The Open ’19 Returns to Northern Ireland after 68 Years

In 1951, the Open Championship was played at Royal Portrush golf club which ended in a British win. Max Faulkner, the 34-year-old unattached professional, was unperturbed by the weather or the strong competition he was up against. He certainly did win, with an aggregate total of 285. In 2019, a return will be made to Royal Portrush golf club for the 148th Open.

In 1932, Harry Colts redesigned the court which prompted Bernhard Darwin to write that, and Colt built himself a monument more enduring than brass. McKenzie and Ebert – the architects – undertook the study of the evolution of the Royal Portrush.

Accommodating an enormous crowd at Royal Portrush

Since 1951, the British Open has certainly become more prominent among people and has grown in scale. It is now one of the largest sporting events, attracting over 200 thousand people during the “Open Week”. The infrastructure of Royal Portrush, located in Northern Ireland, will be accommodated to fit a sporting event that size.

Royal Portrush is blessed with two great courses, the “Dunluce Course” and “Valley Course”. To accommodate an enormous sporting crowd, the Dunluce Course will be used after building two new holes at its links. The course is currently closed until it’s reopening for play held on Thursday 25th July 2019.

The stunning 5th hole at Royal Portrush is named “white rocks” after its view of the white cliffs, list of 3 fairway bunkers added which will demand greater accuracy from the tee. The green perched above the white strand where the outer binds close by is one of the most dramatic settings in the world.

Tips – Experts on golf clubs and yardages in a Bag?

What clubs do you need? And what does each club do? According to golf experts, every player needs to assemble a set of clubs that suits them best. If you’re out on the golf course and your awful left with the shot, for which you don’t have the correct club – chances are you’re not going to score as well as you could do. The right set of clubs is the ones that will bring you joy and excitement on the course.

Putting a driver and porter are the two essential clubs, porter for getting the ball into the holes and the driver for hitting the ball with. The other clubs are as follows with the appropriate yardage written next to it:

  • 4-iron: 170 yards
  • 5-iron: 160 yards
  • 6-iron: 150 yards
  • 7-iron: 140 yards
  • 8-iron: 130 yards
  • 9-iron: 120 yards
  • PW: 110 yards
  • GW: 100 yards
  • SW: 90 yards
  • LW: 80 yards

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