The Most Famous Golfers Who Love to Take a Chance

Golf is a game of assessing and managing risks. From attacking the pin to dog-leg corners, there is hardly a shot or a putt without some consideration of risk.

And over the years, there have been some professional golfers more inclined to take those risks than others. Read on to learn about famous golfers who love to take risks.

  1. Tiger Woods

Tiger has always been one of the most exciting golfers to watch, simply because you can never second-guess what he is going to do next. His arsenal of shot selection allows him to escape trouble in some unforeseen ways.

Whether he is picking out his 3 wood on the fringe of the green or bending one under and around trees, he has become notorious for thinking outside the box.

  1. John Daly

John Daly has been one of the most colourful characters in professional golf – and we’re not just talking about his trousers. He is another golfing genius known to take immense risks, often blowing up at times.

That is best illustrated during the 1998 Bay Hill invitational when he attempted to put his tee shot on the green over the water on the 6th.

After seeing his first five shots in the drink, you’d have thought he would have given up. He eventually walked off the green, scoring an 18 on the hole, ruining his round.

This is not the only risk big John is known to enjoy. He is one of many famous athletes who like to gamble and reportedly lost over $50 million to the casinos in total.

  1. Vijay Singh

You might consider Vijay Singh as one of the more calm, calculated and sensible golfers. But that wasn’t the case at the Masters in 2009. He skimmed the ball across the water like it was a pebble and watched it roll from right to left across the green and into the hole for a hole-in-one. Since then, other golfers have tried this extremely risky and challenging technique, most recently Jon Rahm in 2020 at the same tournament.

  1. Ian Poulter

Ian Poulter is most risky when it comes to picking out a pair of trousers for the next competition. The English top-level golfer is renowned for some wacky and colourful trouser choices, but he is also known for a specific encounter with a crocodile. The crocodile lurked in the water next to him as he took his practice swings and wasn’t completely focused on the croc.

If he knew that crocodiles are super-fast on their feet and much faster than the average human, he probably wouldn’t have gotten on with the shot so fast. He ended up catching the ball heavy and leaving it short of the green. We’re guessing he wanted to get out of there pretty snappy.